GeoNames Ontology 2.2

Version 2.2.1 of the GeoNames Ontology has been released. Navigation within the administrative hierarchy has been made easier with the addition of the GeoNames URIs for the parentCountry and the parentADM(1-4) divisions. The proprietary names are now subproperties of the standard rdfs:label and skos:altLabel.

The properties ‘nearby’ and ‘neighbour’ have been implemented inline within the feature document for the Premium Data Subscription.


  • add and use ‘gn’ namespace gn=”” for GeoNames Ontology properties
  • add namespace rdfs=””
  • add new property rdfs:isDefinedBy
  • change proprietary property gn:name to be subproperty of rdfs:label
  • change proprietary property gn:alternateName to be subproperty of skos:altLabel
  • new gn:officialName for alternate names with ‘isPreferred’ flag
  • new gn:shortName for alternate names with ‘isShort’ flag
  • new parentCountry
  • new parentADM(1-4)
  • implemented ‘nearby’ (within the document, only available with the Premium Data Subscription)
  • implemented ‘neighbour’ (within the document, only available with the Premium Data Subscription)

7. Oct Update: The current version is 2.2.1 and fixes some issues with name properties in v2.2. Version 2.2 is deprecated.


4 thoughts on “GeoNames Ontology 2.2

  1. Kindly guide me to the right place to request that the followwing site be added to the yr. weather service.

    29 degrees 2’27’S, 22degrees 59’19’E
    De Hoek, Griekastad, Northern Cape, South Africa

    Thank You
    Anton van Niekerk

  2. Good afternoon, I am new in this field of semantic web, and I am studying on the subject to do some work. I’m trying to use the geonames ontoligia, but I have some doubts about using some properties.
    What would these properties?
    parentADM1 would be a city? or something?

    Sorry if my question is very simple, but I do not quite yet domino these properties.

    Thank you very much.

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