ISO codes for Serbia and Montenegro

ISO has assigned two new country codes for Serbia and Montenegro.

Serbia : RS,SRB,688 (FIPS : RB)

Montenegro : ME,MNE,499 (FIPS :MJ)

Link : ISO Press Release

The country code ‘CS’ previously used for Serbia and Montenegro is now obsolete and the geonames database has been updated with the new country codes. For most records we could use the administration code 1 for the update, for 255 remaining records we have used the country code of the closest records with either ME or RS.

The geonames database includes now14’056 records for Montenegro and 29’351 records for Serbia.

[All ISO country codes]


GeoNames Source Code

An initial version of open source GeoNames code in java is now available. This very first part is a webservice client to consume GeoNames webservices. Details here :

The source code is hosted on sourceforge :

Sourceforge first refused the project as they feared it was planned to host the geonames database and it would use too much disk space and too much bandwidth. They finally approved after I assured them that we only plan to host source code on their platform and that we have no intention whatsoever to host the GeoNames database on sourceforge.

Please feel free to join our project on sourceforge. Every contribution is welcome and we will also continuously check in more GeoNames source code after a little bit of refactoring.


We have updated the geonames database with the alternate names in Breton (br) of about 1500 towns in Brittany, France. Breton (Brezhoneg) is an insular Celtic language spoken by some of the inhabitants of Brittany (Breizh) and Loire-Atlantique (historically part of Brittany). Breton is related to Cornish and Welsh spoken in neighboring Great Britain.

Thanks to Mikael Bodlore-Penlaez from geobreizh and eurominority.

We are glad to include minority languages in the geonames project and have previously added minority language data sets from the geonative project in Basque, Frisian, Asturian or Leonese, Anymara, Welsh and Macedo Romania.