New Map Layout

screenshot new map
New GeoNames Map Interface

After many years without major changes to the GeoNames Map Interface it was time for an update. The new Map Interface makes full use of the screen for the map view. Other information is displayed on top of the map. The GeoNames gazetteer layer can now be displayed together with the wikipedia mashup. Boundingboxes and polygon boundaries are displayed where available and when associated with a GeoName feature. The bounding box is derived from the polygon information or from bounding boxes of children features. For populated places without polygon information the bounding box is derived from population number and feature code.

Thanks to Christophe for the implementation.


11 thoughts on “New Map Layout

  1. Dear Everyone,
    I am a student in geography and I would like to map linkedin users and the web of their relationships, would you have any idea how I should do that? how can I access to Linkedin’s API stream, if they have any?

    Any help would be very much appreciated,


  2. Not sure who to contact, but I would very much appreciate a JSON service for the Extended Find nearby toponym / reverse geocoding API.

    Love GeoNames. Thanks!

  3. Would it be possible to have the top level GeoNames Feature Codes labled in the filter view. Also including the description of a feature code in its mouse over tooltip would be much appreciated.


  4. Not sure how to get a comment to admins at geonames other than this way. I tried to register in the forum but it kept saying ‘Captcha response not accurate’. Please fix that. No one can register for the forum at the moment.

    But the reason I wanted to register for the forum is because I’m having a different problem.

    The API is giving me some search results which are good except the thumbnailImg field contains a URL such as

    which is 404.

    Please advise.


    • do you haven an example for an url with 404? the url in the comment does return an image.

      PS: I have just now seen the comment in the ‘pending’ list. sorry about this.

  5. How you guys are getting the boundaries/polygons? I am going to buy the premium plan for geonames mysql dump. Please tell me how to get boundaries/polygons for them?

      • Hi marc,
        Thanks for replying. There are few questions I want to ask about data polygons premium plan.
        1. Does premium polygon plan act as a web service or a data dump?
        2. Does geonames include the main geoname data dump along with the polygon data within 1500€/year premium plan or 1500€/year is only for polygon data?
        Best regards,
        Ankit Agarwal

      • Hi Ankit

        1) It is only the data export. Which use case for web service do you have in mind? How would the polygons be queried, which parameter does the service need to support? For instance need they be simplifyed to display in the browser like we do for map interface?
        2) the polygon subscription only includes the polygons, the premium data (gazetteer data) is a separate subscription. The users usually subscribe to both.

        Best Regards

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