Addresses for France finally open

At the beginning of this year the addresses for France have become finally available as open data under the French IO license compatible with CC-BY.
The data has been downloadable for a couple of years at no cost, but unfortunately under a restricted share-alike license. It is very good news that the understanding that share-alike is quite the contrary of open has won ground and made the French government change the license strategy.

Néanmoins, je considère que la constitution d’une base adresse nationale gratuite et unifiée est un enjeu important pour l’économie française ainsi que pour la chaîne de décision publique (gestion de crise, gestion des équipements, etc.) et doit constituer une priorité pour la transformation de l’Etat. [réponse du Premier Ministre, 4 Mars 2019]

The new address data is available in the geonames api for the address services:
geoCodeAddress it retrieves the lat/lng for a given street:

The reverse geocoding service address returns the next address for a given lat/lng:

The streetNameLookup allows for user friendly input forms.
You can make a request to the server to get all streets beginning with the letters typed by the user:

With this new addition the number of countries supported by the address services has increased to 28.


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