GeoNames Ambassadors

In order to improve the way GeoNames is organized and account for its increasing complexity we are introducing the role of GeoNames Ambassador.
GeoNames has made huge progress in the last months and is now one of the major geo data providers used by thousands of applications. GeoNames Ambassadors serve as local contact to their country. They speak the local languages and are familiar with the local geo data situation. The importance of GeoNames is increasingly being recognized by national mapping agencies and the formalization of a local contact person will make communication with them easier. You find the first Ambassadors appointments on the team page.

The naming ‘Ambassador’ has been inspired by the Tagzania Diplomatic Service where it was coined by Luistxo who also serves as GeoNames Ambassador to the Basque Country and Gipuzkoa. Thanks to Luistxo’s local contacts we have already been able to integrate an official data set from Gipuzkoa.

I would like to express my thanks to all Ambassadors who have accepted the role as local contact person to their country and are ready to help us improve our data set.

Marc Belzunces, Ambassador to the Catalan Linguistic Area, has more information in his blog (in Catalan).


The awesome google maps mashup has recently won the first price of the Mash up Award 3rd organized by Sun Microsystems Japan. Yuki Naotori, the ongmap founder and developer, is generously sharing part of the prize money with GeoNames and other open source projects and communities ongmap is relying on.
Thanks Yuki.

ONGMAPs mission is to collect a vast range of information about what is at a given location and to make it easily locatable on a map of the world.