GeoNames web service client r1.0

The GeoNames web service client for java has been released in version 1.0. The release includes the following changes and additions :

  • implemented children and neighbours service
  • throw exception if a field is accessed that has not been set due to insufficient style parameter
  • add adminname1 and adminname2 to Toponym
  • fixed a couple of minor bugs
  • added and improved documentation
  • support for username and token for authentication
  • client failover to alternative server if the main server is not accessible. The failover server will be used for some minutes before the client will automatically try to switch back to the main server. This is a simple and efficient approach to achieve high availability for an application.

5 thoughts on “GeoNames web service client r1.0

  1. Hi Marc,

    We’ve been using your free soap based service for a couple of years and we would like to switch over to your high availability soap based pay services.

    Is there any documentation as to what code changes I would have to make in order to use the pay services?

  2. David

    The web services are exactly the same. The main difference is that they are running on other and better servers, that are closely monitored. What it needs is an additional parameter username={your geonames useraccount} to authenticate the request and the domain name for the request is different.


  3. Hello, this is Stella Evergreen. I was wondering about the Coat of Arms project, but instead of making it about yourself, I was told to make it with the Five Themes Of Geography. Can you please help?

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    I want to get the weather forecast from and if i search it they got no match My farm is in South Africa in the northen cape province near the town Prieska.

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