Sponsoring GeoNames

GyreoNames is looking for sponsors as the cost for servers and bandwidth is increasing. We had got an additional server for the download/dump  and we had to reduce the max number of allowed credits on the free services to cope with the growing number of requests.

GeoNames Sponsors are listed on the high ranking donation page with logo and link.

Benefits for Sponsors:

  • Logo and link on sponsors/donation page
  • Helps cover costs for running the project
  • Ensures the sustainability and health of the project.
  • Provide funding to improve consistency, fix errors and add missing data



2 thoughts on “Sponsoring GeoNames

  1. Hi. In advance I ask a pardon for my bad English.
    Thank you for huge work, for huge volume of the information which you store and process.
    Has noticed last days that work of services when there comes morning in the USA is very strongly slowed down.
    Today used only a few tens inquiries get?geonameId also has received the status 19 on IP (the hourly limit of 3000 credits for the IP address). The admissible quantity of the resolved inquiries Lately has very much decreased. I collect the information on cities in Russia and the CIS countries. I will be glad to share further saved up information with you. Especially on translation into Russian of cities, etc.
    I try to use service with 00UTC to 16UTC. At this time servers aren’t loaded. It is possible to take an interest, and how many servers at you support all this system.

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