New York Times data API with GeoNames

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The New York Times is adding GeoNames data to their subject headings and making it available as Linked Open Data under a cc-by license.

For ages the NYT has indexed articles with keywords (tags/subject headings) from an extensive vocabulary. Thousands of these keywords have now been mapped to their respective geonameId. This will help for instance enhance the search function with additional information from geonames like lat/lng for a reverse geocoded article search. The vocabulary is available under a cc-by license in various ways and formats. You can download a huge file or you can browse individual entries on the NYT website. As an example the keyword ‘Zurich’ in html or rdf format. The GeoNames data in the rdf format is using the GeoNames ontology. The subject headings can be used by developers to query the NYT api for articles on the topic.


4 thoughts on “New York Times data API with GeoNames

  1. Can you give a good example on how to build an Article Search Query using the GeoName?

    I have a list of Geonames from your web service and now want to search for articles with that GeoName. Can I just use the GeoNameID as a geo_facet search or do I use the place name and some admin code combo?

    Any direction on this would be amazing. Thanks.

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