GeoTree – Hierarchical Toponym Browser

GeoTree is a new hierarchical toponym browser for GeoNames. It allows to drill down the continents and the administrative divisions of a country in an explorer like fashion. To the right of the tree view a map shows the toponym selected. An outstanding component of GeoTree are the flags and coat of arms displayed with most administrative features. The coat of arms are from the wikipedia Blasons (heraldry) project. Moving the mouse over the name of an administrative division will not only focus the map, it will also display a larger version of the coat of arms.

The GeoNames balloons are linking to the respective GeoTree representation of the toponym. GeoTree is using the GeoNames hierarchical webservices.

GeoTree is developed by Christophe, GeoNames Ambassador to France. Jan and Bernard are helping with the svg representation of the coat of arms. Check it out.


9 thoughts on “GeoTree – Hierarchical Toponym Browser

  1. Thanks. I have corrected it and marked ‘México’ as preferred alternate name in Spanish. Previously none of the Spanish names for Mexico was marked as preferred and the web service returned one of them arbitrarily which happend to be ‘Nueva España’.

  2. hi
    is there a way to query the flags images through the web service api?
    great work !!!

  3. Hi Yariv

    I am afraid there is no web service for the images, but the image url is not too dificult to build (the number is the geonameid)



  4. Am looking for code like Google uses which drills down into cities from continents, like in their Adwords application.
    This is something along those lines without the checkboxes, and submission button.

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