Feature Extraction from Satellite Imagery

Spot Image, a leading provider of satellite imagery, are making a fantastic offer. Spot Image are teaming up with GeoNames to help improve the availability of free geographical data and offer high resolution 2.5m satellite imagery for automatic feature extraction.

Features that we think can be extracted from 2.5m imagery are city contours, airports, streets, shore lines, lakes, rivers and others. We believe this is a fantastic opportunity for researchers and student-works to find algorithms for feature identification and extraction. Drop me a line for more details if you are doing research in this area and would like to work on this challenging task.

Contact : Marc Wick, marc@geonames.org

The data extracted from satellite imagery will be made available through GeoNames. Up to now GeoNames was exclusively focusing on point data due to the lack of good and free vector data. The extracted features will allow us to provide vector data and we will be able to include shapes of cities and other features into the GeoNames database. It will be a gigantic step forward for the availability, quality and coverage of free geographical data on global scale.

[Image : Spot Image Quality ZoomifyViewer Casablanca, Morocco]

Spot Image, based in Toulouse (France), are providing satellite imagery to GoogleEarth and they are selling images to professional and private users. If you are looking for images of a particular area you can use this gallery layer on GoogleEarth to view and find relevant images. As an example the 2.5m image from 24. Sept of Barcelona.


7 thoughts on “Feature Extraction from Satellite Imagery

  1. respected sir,
    its really a termandous job done by you. sir, I am Neeraj Sharma and persuing in M.Tech in GIS. sir, recently I am working on Feature Extraction, so I need information regrding problem i.e shadow removal and same spectral signature of different feature. How i can work on it. so kindly help me out.
    Neeraj Sharma
    M.Tech in GIS

  2. sir which algorithm or model is suitable for automatic feature extraction from satellite image…. give some reference papers also if can please help me

  3. feature extraction from high resolution satellite image by neural network how does the methodology go if any one knows mail me also how to
    do this in mat lab

  4. Hi sir.
    i’m GIS student at addis abeba university and what i need from you is to help how can i extract feature from google earth authomaticaly.? is there any software ..?

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