Geonames machine tags

Geonames machine tags” is a nice idea proposed by Harry Chen in the Geospatial Semantic Web Blog. He suggests to annotate photos with machine tags that point to geonames features using the format “geonames:feature=5352844“. He writes : If flikr’s service is implemented to recognize geonames’s machine tag, then it can pull this semantic description from, which is the RDF description about the Golden Gate Bridge. In this document, it describes how Golden Gate Bridge is called in different languages and other geographical information. Read the full posting on the Geospatial Semantic Web Blog …

Flickr’s Dan Catt on the geobloggers blog takes up the idea : Now while only a handful of us have the ability to make an implementation of that from the flickr side (upon which I can’t comment, other that to say it sounds like a good idea)
He then continues describing how the geonames rdf format can easily be transformed into JSON using Read the full posting on …


One thought on “Geonames machine tags

  1. Marc,

    I was going to email this to you, but this is a proper place to discus other uses of the “geonames:feature=5352844” format. It could also be used to link a discusion thread about the placename.


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