Heiglkopf or “Hitler-Berg”?

March 20, 2007

There is an interesting article on SPIEGEL Online today about the naming of a German hill on GoogleEarth. The hill Heiglkopf near Bad Tölz was renamed to ‘Hitler-Berg‘ in 1933, the very year Hitler took over power, and kept this name till the end of the Nazi regime in 1945. This is also the name GoogleEarth was displaying for the hill up to today much to the dismay of local authorities.

Lesson learnt : If local authorities want to be sure their places are properly named on the geospatial web then they should not hesitate to make the information freely available. If they continue to ask exorbitant prices for their data that not even Google can afford to pay for it, whom do they expect to be able to do so?


2 Responses to “Heiglkopf or “Hitler-Berg”?”

  1. […] is the way to avoid embarrassing situations like outdated data appearing in online maps, as the Hitler-berg case shows. If you know about interesting free data sets from your country, please let us know. We […]

  2. […] services o así para su disfrute común. Hace poco alguna autoridad local alemana se quejaba de que un monte de su comarca aparecía como Hitler-Berg en Google Earth. Pues claro, si los datos geográficos de la región están bajo llave […]

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