Linuxworld : Ten Web 2.0 APIs you can really use

In “Ten Web 2.0 APIs you can really use” over at Evan Prodromou, one of the two founders of, lists ten useful Web2.0 APIs :
1. Google Maps API
3. OpenID – Six Apart
4. Amazon S3 – Simple Storage Service
5. Amazon EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud
6. Atom API
7. OpenSearch – Amazon A9
8. Open Media Profile – Six Apart
9. MediaWiki API
10. JS-Kit

He writes about geonames : “I prefer the data from, which has a simple REST service for geocoding names, finding locations close to each other, and some other great geographical backend calculations. The Geonames database is one of the best available, based on multiple data sets, and it uses a liberal Creative Commons Attribution license for its data output. It’s also quick and responsive.

The clear winner in terms of number of APIs on this list is Amazon with three services, followed by Six Apart with two APIs. Amazons strong position is undoubtedly deserved since it offers by far the most innovative and outstanding suite of web service APIs available today.


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