Localidades e Municípios Brasileiros

Around 10.000 Brazilian populated places and all 5.561 municípios have been the subject of the latest geonames bulk update. The data set is from the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia Estatística (IBGE) and has kindly been provided by Edmar Moretti from the Ministério do Meio Ambiente.

Brazil is a federation consisting of twenty-six states (estados) and one federal district (distrito federal), making a total of 27 first order administrative divisions. There are 5.561 second order administrative divisions or municípios. Minas Gerais (MG) is the state with the largest number of municípios (853) and Roraima (RR) has the lowest number (15). The Distrito Federal has only one município.

The records of this load have been locked for updates by the anonymous user as IBGE is definitely a trustworthy data source.

If you know about interesting free data sets from your country, please let us know. We are eager to integrate them.


5 thoughts on “Localidades e Municípios Brasileiros

  1. Geonames updates are always welcomed, and more when it’s the case of regional authorities (of government level, in this case!) that decide to open up their data. I suppose the Brazilian administration’s support open software policy may have an impact in decisions like this, so, kudos to those Brazilian contacts of Geonames!

  2. Hi,

    It seems that the São Paulo train stations are about 30 years out of date and half no loger exist. Who/where/what can we do to deprecate/remove/edit

  3. You can edit and move them on the edit interface on the map view. Just click on the link ‘edit’ if you want to edit the entry (misspelled name etc) and on the link ‘move’ if you want to move it. You can also delete wrong records and add new records (on the left hand side the third icon below the overview map).
    If you have a list of many correct and actual stations, you can send me the list and I run a batch update. (marc@geonames.org)

  4. Hi,
    Does anyone know where I could find a map of the districts across Brazil? IBGE seems to have Municipio level maps, but I haven’t been able to find district level maps.

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