Geonames OpenSearch

Searching for geographical names with your web browser has now become even easier. We have added an OpenSearch description to geonames that allows you to directly search the geonames database from your browsers search bar. OpenSearch is supported by Firefox 2.0 and InternetExplorer 7.
Installation of this small plugin is very simple. Just go to the geonames home page and open the drop down list of your search bar. You will see an option add “geonames”. Select this option and the geonames search engine will be added to your search bar. From now on you can just type into your browsers search bar to search for geographical names.


One thought on “Geonames OpenSearch

  1. Of course Opera users can add geonames search, just like all other searches, by clicking mouse-right in the search box and selecting “Create Search…” in the context menu.


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