Populated Places in Zurich, Switzerland

The Statistical Office of the Swiss Canton of Zurich has contributed a geo data-set to the geonames project with 5347 settlements in the Canton of Zurich. Together with aggregated records this results in the following feature codes :

1069 PPL
537 PPLX
1941 PPLL (settlements with two to four buildings)
1821 HSE (settlements with only one building)

The data can be viewed with googlemaps or GoogleEarth.

With this new data-set the number of toponyms in Switzerland is doubling and in the feature statistic country ranking Switzerland jumped from rank 145 to rank 106, just ahead of the Solomon Islands.

We hope this is just a first step and other governmental agencies in Switzerland will follow suit and also release geo-data to the public domain.

[more information in German]


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