One million web service queries per day

On September 27 Geonames has served 1.204.789 web service queries and has crossed the 1 Million web service requests per day mark for the first time.

In September a total of 22.446.111 queries have been served which makes on average ca. 750’000 requests per day. This is an increase of 36% from August with a total of 17.038.682 requests or an average of ca 550.000 requests per day.

The most popular services in September have been :

  1. postalCodeSearch
  2. search
  3. findNearbyWikipedia
  4. findNearestAddress
  5. GoogleEarth network link
  6. gtopo30
  7. findNearByWeatherJSON
  8. wikipediaSearch
  9. findNearbyPlaceName
  10. rssToGeoRSS

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