Google Earth

The geonames database is now fully browsable with Google Earth.

Google Earth

A Google Earth link over the geonames google maps presentation will directly open Google Earth at the same lat/lng and about the same zoom level.

A myriad of cool and nice looking icons from the GE collection are used to display the geonames feature codes thanks to the hard work of Thomas.

Valery has prepared a collection of GeoRSS blogs using the geonames converter, Thomas has created a placemark with the geonames features network link and Gerardo has written a short how-to view a RSS feed in GE using geonames.

Thanks to these efforts geonames has gotten a warm reception by the GE community and a couple of threads are prominently placed on the entrance page.

Thanks to Thomas, Valery and Gerardo.

Update 11 October 2006 : The geonames features network link is dead and had to be removed. We are working on an alternative.

Update 12 October 2006 : The network link was a placemark stored on google infrastructure on the bbs.keyhole site. For some reason it got deleted by a site admin. (This can happend with google. Some weeks ago they accidentally deleted their own blog – I am glad this blog is not hosted on blogspot;-) Msn still has the page in the cache, the placemark, however, has also been removed.

Update 13 October 2006 : The geonames features network link is now stored on our own server. A backup of the msn cache is here.

12 thoughts on “Google Earth

    • Is this what I need to have rivers, streams, and other water bodies to be labeled on Google Earth Pro?

      • It does include names for water bodies and it is certainly a way to find their names on google Earth. However it is not specializing in water bodies and there might also be other solutions.


  1. […] Geonames ist eine risiege freie Datenbak für Ortsnamen, die übrigens auch von Geotwain benutzt wird. Diesmal möchte ich einen sehr coolen Service von Geonames vorstellen – nämlich die direkte Einbindung in Google-Earth mittels Kml – so erhält google Earth auch Flussnamen, Distriktnamen und viele Andere nützliche Information! Die KML gibt es hier: […]

  2. I can’t believe the oversight of streams and rivers in Google. This has been a point of frustration to me for many years. Thanks for your geonames layer. It is very helpful.

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