km42 – Spiegel Online

Every now and then I would like to write about a geoname user. Todays posting is about a user who has joined the geonames user community these days.

km42 is the continuation of the Grimme award winning interactive travel report project Reporter Jörg Peiffer is travelling and reporting about places suggested by visitors of the project website.

The project website displays the current position of the reporter on a map as well as the path taken so far. Clicking on the icons on the map will lead to the reports as texts, pod casts or video casts. Interaction with the reporter is possible via an internet forum and suggestions. The place name search for the suggestion feedback is powered by geonames.

Spiegel Online Km42 is a Spiegel Online project and thus part of one of the largest news sites in the German speaking world.

I am sure there is a lot of interesting, unexpected and surprising stuff in your part of the world. Post you suggestions to the km42 website or the comments section below and I forward them to the km42 project.


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