new GeoRSS Viewer at will soon release a GeoRSS viewer on top of their already remarkable interface. The viewer is currently in Beta, but nevertheless the most sophisticated GeoRSS viewer we know about. If you want to check it out, and I am sure you want, just add the RSS feed URL to the path ‘’. will call the geonames converter with the url and display the feed.

Here an example of google news about “flu” :

Reuters “World News” is already in the default profile. You can create a login with and create your own list of your favorite geo feeds.

An important feature for us here at geonames is the feedback menu for each feed entry. There are two options ‘ok’ and ‘nok’ (for “not ok”). A click on one of them will result in a callback to the geonames server. We will store your feedback in our database and use it to improve our conversion algorithm. We hope to be able to officially release the RSS to GeoRSS converter pretty soon. Below a screen shot of the ‘geoFeedExplorer’ I have underlined the feedback menus and marked them with a red arrow.

GeoFeedExplorer Feedback


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