Searching with Country Names in different languages

April 27, 2006

The geonames search function now understands Country Names in different languages and has better support for non-english search queries.

Here some examples :

Country name Italy :

Country name Italien :

Country name Italia :

Country name इटली :इटली

Country name ايطاليا :ايطاليا

The geonames search engine is able to correctly identify the country name in different languages and returns the correct result.

(For most countries at least, there are some country names for which it does not yet work. Can you find some of these exceptions?)

Edit May 14 2006 : The problem I was referring to is fixed now, glad no one found it 😉

10 Responses to “Searching with Country Names in different languages”

  1. […] In a previous posting I have written about searching with country names in different languages and hinted at a still unsolved problem. […]

  2. Ruth Says:

    Please I want to know how to write my name in Hindi and in hebrew, thank you so much

  3. marc Says:

    Hi Ruth

    Some years back I tried to learn Hindi and I think Ruth could be transcribed like this : रउद
    The Hindi script is called Devanagari.

    I don’t know anything about Hebrew and cannot help with it.



  4. MAURICIO Says:

    i need my name in diferent lenguages



  5. Lauren Says:

    i need to find out my girlfriends name in tongan

  6. dallas Says:

    i need to find out my girl friends name in Tongan.her name is lauren.

  7. natasha Says:

    i will like to get a tatto of my girlfriends name and i will like to look really cool so i am trying to find out which language looks the coolest can you please help me 🙂 her name is NATASHA

  8. Cardiff Says:

    I need a list of every single country in montenegrin language. what can I do? thanks.

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